Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Mango mango

oK so I know the name of this blog is a bit weird. Couldn't think of anything much except that I had mangoes for dessert. It was either that or oranges. But I thought mangoes sounded more exotic. Haha...

Today was nothing much, had a massage then went back home for some me time. Wanted to shop but I still have a lot of makeup, I have dunno how many bags, just too many shoes, enough bottles of perfume in my drawer to fill a bathtub... you get my drift. So went back home, and saw Josie outside so I took her into my room for an afternoon nap. Kinda miss napping with a cat. Gem tried napping with Elmo sometime back but Elmo was just too noisy and irritating that we took him out of the room after 20 minutes.

Anyway, went for a dip in the pool this evening while the dogs had their playtime. Piper got excited seeing me in the pool and wanted to join me but she's been wary of the pool since she fell in the first day she came here. But I felt a little adventurous so I carried her not-so-little puppy body into the pool and she started paddling towards the edge and eventually I lifted her up back to land. Rolly tried to get Piper to join her for a dip in the koi pond but I guess Piper isn't ready for it just yet.

Gonna watch CSI later, which is pretty much the highlight of my evening. I think I'm gonna find myself something to read right now.

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