Saturday, December 15, 2012

My First Makeup Review: Sephora Le Waterproof Extreme Resistance Mascara

Bought this in September from Sephora KLCC.  It came in a set, a mini 11ml tube together with a 50ml bottle of Sephora Waterproof Eye Makeup Remover for RM69 (if I remember correctly). After 3 months of using it, thought it was time for a review. 

I love mascara. It's something I use on a daily basis, and I've gone through many, many tubes of various brands, and so many different types within each brand. So given the rather reasonable price of Sephora's house-brand cosmetics as compared to the rest, I decided to give this a shot. 

The first time I used Le Waterproof, I felt it was a pretty average, nothing-out-of-the-ordinary mascara. It has no fragrance and is slightly thick in texture (which gets a bit clumpy after a while). It comes with a brush wand that is slightly tapered at the end. I have naturally long and curly lashes so it doesn't take much to accentuate them. This mascara just basically made my lashes more visible. Did not have any extra curl effect nor did it lengthen them. 

But oh my, they really weren't kidding when they said 'Extreme Resistance'!

Each time I wanted to remove this, I had to soak a cotton pad with eye makeup remover (yes, I used the one that came in the set), and then  press the cotton pad on my eyelashes and leave it to work on them for about a minute or so before the mascara would come off! And even then, it would take an eyelash or two along with it! :( The only other time this used to happen was when I tried one of the waterproof Avon mascaras some time back. Sigh. 

After 3 months, Le Waterproof is still useable, but I honestly feel like tossing it out already, no thanks to the amount of eyelashes it took off, and that it is already getting clumpy and I have to keep using an eyelash comb to get rid of the clumps of mascara after each application. 

So well, if you are looking for a mascara that will stay on for a whole day, or while you go for a swim, this certainly makes the cut.  If you don't mind removing your eyelashes along with it at the end of the day, that is. 

Has anyone else tried this? What do you think of it?

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