Wednesday, November 28, 2012


Been an absolute freaking long time since I wrote anything (including Elmo's blog). Been missing it but just could not get my writing mojo back. Today I thought I'd attempt an entry. And hopefully keep at it. 

What I have been up to since I last wrote an entry:

I'm practising full-time now. It's a housecall practice so my time is pretty flexible. But mind you, it can get terribly busy some weeks, which is actually not such a bad thing. 
I do have some new projects in mind which I am working on with the family, but at the moment those are just in the planning stage. 

Well, it's still the 2 of us. Plus the 18 cats. And 3 dogs. 

Mum and my friend Moon have encouraged me to start writing again. I remember when I used to write fiction. For the time being I won't even attempt it. One needs inspiration for that, obviously. Last I wrote pretty interesting stuff was back in secondary school, especially in Form 4 & 5. Banyak betul inspiration, having a boyfriend, breaking up, having one of your closest friends going out with him, the list goes on.... Oh, the drama... 

If anything were to be of inspiration right now it would just be the emotions and lessons from my experiences in recent years. Strange but I seem to be picking up writers and journalists as friends lately. I connect better with them than my vet or stewardess friends. I dunno, like Moon says, she doesn't believe in coincidences, perhaps I was just meant to have these people as friends. 

Oh yes, I still love mangoes. Haha. :P

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